Your Turn to Cry -Support Poem

Your Turn to Cry -Support Poem

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Your Turn to Cry

There isn’t always much to say          

When things happen a certain way           And someone that you know is hurt           In ways that can’t be helped by words

But all you hope, is that they know       That people care, and deeply so             An energy, you can’t explain-                How you can somehow feel their pain

More than every now and then…

You cannot help but think of them

And more than every little while

You think of ways to make them smile  


When it’s someone that you know

Who regularly, helps people

And adds a touch, to all they do

Of beauty, grace and wisdom true…          


Then the least that they deserve

Is a sincere, reminder

That they have touched so many lives

And finally, it’s their turn to cry


We cannot change the pain you face

But we can love you, all the way...

So pick a shoulder, rest your eyes

And do nothing, but cry.