The Carousel of Life - Bittersweet goodbye poem

The Carousel of Life - Bittersweet goodbye poem

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The Carousel of Life

It's unsettling inside-

These forced and unforeseen Goodbyes

That swing, and hit you in the gut

And don't feel right, or fair enough...

But no sunshine, is without storms

And good things end, as we've been warned

And sadly, we can't change or fight

With the impermanence of life...

We can trust that life is short

And let each cycle run its course...

And simply vow, to make the best

Of every second we have left

Time can meet us, unprepared-

Who, why, what- it doesn't care

So every hug, and kiss, and laugh

Should count as if they were our last

As with everything that flows

The tide will freely come and go

And sadness can transcend, with grace

To peace, with all that comes our way

So I will hurt, but I won't dwell...

I'll wipe my tears, and wish you well

And strive on bravely, as I ride

The Carousel of Life.