In Her Eyes - Effect of Divorce on Children Poem

In Her Eyes - Effect of Divorce on Children Poem

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In Her Eyes

One look at you, and she can’t hide
The sheer excitement in her eyes
In mere seconds, from near or far
She’ll charge and jump into your arms

To anyone, it’s clear as day-
She loves you more than words can say
And how touching, it is to see
Her spirit lift, so instantly

It takes courage, to accept
To do what’s harder, for what’s best…
These times and moments sacrificed
To offer her a better life

And that may not dissolve all pain-
The guilt, the heartache, the self-blame…
But it should help a bit, to know
You gave her peace, and a safe home

It’s the little things you'll miss-
The story times, the goodnight kiss…
The comfort that you feel inside 
In knowing she's somewhere nearby 

But things will settle, and you'll find
How best, to make more of your time
With more affection, joy, and laughs
And making memories that last

So in those moments you feel down
Or empty, when she’s not around…
Remember – you’re the reason why
That look is in her eyes.


Separation/divorce is hard on everyone. Adjustments and 'new normals' take time; and the hardest thing of all, for many- sharing a piece of your heart with someone else. Custody battles, not having your child/children around you all the time. And of course, the guilt, heaviness and feelings of having failed in some way that can accompany that. Give someone who's feeling down about this, a big old reminding them of how much they are their very own.