Mom- 'I Got it From my Mama' Appreciation Poem

Mom- 'I Got it From my Mama' Appreciation Poem

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You've said it all my life, till now
The same small words: I make you proud
Which then becomes to boys and girls
The lens from which they view the world

And those small words, I'm now aware
I took them with me everywhere
Refining my relentless search
For both my purpose and my worth

You showed me love, and taught me grace
You tucked me in, and kissed my face
You let me follow my own path
With way more faith, than questions asked

Your inner strength has led you far
You live with kindness in your heart
How easily, you pick up smiles
From any man, woman or child

Until now, I didn’t see
How much your words have meant to me
And I cannot thank you enough
For showing unconditional love

You’re proud of me, but have no clue
How proud I also am of you...
For everything that I’ve become
I learned it from you, Mom.

She fed you. She bathed you. She comforted you. She consoled you. She has been there for you since day 1...and then she tops everything off by telling you she's proud of YOU.

Let's face it- some mothers are angels on Earth. If you were blessed enough to have one like that, it's time to tell her that you are proud of HER, and that there's a reason you turned-out so great. 😊