Broken Glass - Support for Mental Health

Broken Glass - Support for Mental Health

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Broken Glass

It’s getting harder to escape…
Any second- I could break
I’ve worked so hard to stuff it down
And act as though it doesn’t count

But time keeps telling me, it does-
I can’t keep crying, ‘just because’…
It’s clear that somewhere, pretty deep
Is something really bugging me

One second- I feel just fine
The next, I’m overwhelmed and crying…
It’s hard to hide and function with
These feelings that I can’t predict

When certain pains feel set in stone
And burdens, carried all alone…
Some days, even the faintest crack
Could fill a room with broken glass

For years, how firmly one can stand
To wake-up, strangely, on quicksand…
Where suddenly, the more you think
The faster and deeper you sink

I fought until my legs gave-out
It took me years to ask for help…
But no one has the strength to last
To walk on broken glass.

How good are we at ''putting a lid on it''? Pushing down our feelings and trauma (sometimes literally!) with food, alcohol, work, escapism, busyness, TV, drugs, etc. Or even acting like it's no big deal from one moment to the next. Sometimes even going from a moment of crisis and acting like it never even happened! Pretty great at it, I'd say. This ''meh, someday I'll get support' cycle can last years or decades or just be a forever thing, sadly. It sounds cliche, but you really are worth getting the help that you need to have better quality of life. Gone are the days of ''toughing it out''! This poem serves as a reminder to yourself or to someone else that no one can keep walking on 'broken glass' forever. It's not a matter of strong or weak, but simply a matter of being human.