The Story of Your Heart

I know it's hard for you to see
At this moment, what joy will be
While picking pieces off the ground
Of a world turned upside down
Of course, from here, it looks all bad
And not to mention, feels like crap
And you may want to curse the skies
For what feels like betrayal and lies
But you are not being betrayed
You're likely being pushed and saved
From things and people who aren't right
And don't deserve you in their lives
The Universe is generous
To people who believe in it
With time and with a little faith
Your pain will mean something, someday 
It may just lead you to such bliss
To a love, you never knew, exists
To peace, to freedom and to friends
Beyond what you could imagine
Much good will come, and you will see...
(I know because it did to me)
That one day you will thank the stars
And love The Story of Your Heart.