What You'll Find Here

The Product

Here at The Sparkling Mud I create framed poetry for different life circumstances- the loss of a loved one, miscarriages, break-ups, goodbyes, well wishes, thank you's, support through difficult times, etc.

The Process

It usually starts with a poem I was inspired to write.

Then comes the vision- how do I picture it being presented? What colours, design and props come to mind?

Next, I take a plain, white picture frame and get my hands dirty. I pick a few colours, sprinkle some fairy dust, add finishing touches and voilà- the end result is what could be a home decor item, an original gift for someone or a cherished memento of a lived experience.

Other times, this process is flipped upside-down and I envision the decor first, and work my way backwards.

The Poems

Poetry first became a major outlet for me in early adulthood. It was a safe space for me to release inner turmoil and to try and make sense of difficult emotions. It was also an invaluable tool for self-expression; a form of empowerment in which I could re-assert myself and my feelings, when I felt others diminished or dismissed them.

Then, throughout the years, I started writing personalised poems for others. I felt compelled in many situations to either show support to someone in pain, express my gratitude to someone dear, encourage someone who's been through a lot or say a special goodbye to a boss or colleague I would miss. Touching people in a meaningful way has always felt gratifying to me.

It naturally evolved from there, the idea of selling my work in a pretty package, so others could do the same. In a nutshell: art, beauty and meaning is more of what you'll find here.