He doesn’t like to see you cry
From somewhere, up there, in the sky...
Because he’s perfectly at peace
Upon the clouds on which he sleeps

And though it hurts his tiny heart
That he can’t be here in your arms
He doesn’t have to feel your touch
To know how deeply he is loved
And though he’s sad, his time was short 
Right here with you, on Earth, of course 
The power of his purpose shines 
So far beyond the bounds of time
Not only as your cherished son 
But as a special Guardian 
Who’s watching every, single day 
And guiding you, along the way... 
From where, he’s sheltered from all harm 
And resting safely in God’s arms... 
And waiting patiently, on end 
Till you can hold him, once again 
But until then, no matter what- 
He’ll be there, watching from above 
And singing you, sweet lullabies 
The every time he hears you cry:
...Hush, little mommy, don’t be sad... 
I love you dearly, you and dad... 
And if you ask God why I’m gone... 
He says, ‘cause I’m your Angel, mom...