This Tall- Pride Poem

This Tall- Pride Poem

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This Tall

The streets are set to come alive
I march for peace and love and pride
Where I stand tall, and I feel free
To show the world, that this is me

Where I refuse to be defined 
By any voice, that isn't mine
And where I gladly won't conform 
To narrow and outdated norms 

My truth will not be set aside 
For cold and cruel and judgy eyes...
As no one needs to validate 
That it's my right to take up space

I leave behind what I can’t change-
Fear and undeserved disdain
I just decide, to let it be
As no one can diminish me

I march this far to say it loud
I’m (fill the blank) and I am proud
And I feel anything but small…
When I stand This Tall.

Oh yes- feel the power!

It can be hard sometimes to remember that famous Eleanor Roosevelt quote: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent". In a world where there is still homophobia, prejudice and bullying, it's way easier said than matter how much progress there has been.

Help remind someone, or yourself, that absolutely no one can decide your long as you stand "This Tall".

Spread nothing but love, support and power with this pride poem; the perfect message for someone coming out, someone struggling with their sexuality/gender identity or someone who lacks family support and acceptance of who they are. Or really just anyone who wants to have fun and celebrate pride in power!