Such Tiny Birds - Spiritual Poem about Hope

Such Tiny Birds - Spiritual Poem about Hope

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Such Tiny Birds

Relax Dear one, now go to sleep…
Clear your mind of fears you keep
Your pillowcase- soaking wet:
A pain that haunts your every step

You think you cry, lost in the dark
That no one hears your hurting heart
But every night, though light is weak:
He can see you perfectly.

On broken glass, you walk your life-
Another day, a tougher fight
With you, alone, against the eyes
Of all who stare and criticize

But fight no more, dear restless soul-
Let them judge what they don’t know…
For in this long, exhausting game                                
Know that He can feel your pain

Now close your eyes, but for the night
Await the hopeful, morning light
When little birds, soulfully sing
A special chant, worth listening

For they do call, such tiny birds:
They are His voice, they are His words
That speak to all, a means to say
That everything will be okay.

Now close your eyes, and let unfold
A sleep so deep, it soothes your soul
And fear never, that darkness win
For every dawn, the birds will sing.

Quiet and darkness only exacerbate the pain sometimes. Nightfall- a time when many pillow cases are drenched with tears of hurt and loneliness. In comes God. And light. And little signs of beauty all around us. At our lowest points, sometimes shifting the focus to something as small as the chirp of a tiny bird in nature can interrupt our suffering for a moment. And who's to say those tiny birds aren't God? Gift this poem as a reminder to someone, or to yourself, that better days are ahead.