Personalized New Mom Poem

Personalized New Mom Poem

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It's a sweet, exciting time
I cannot wait to see you shine
The deepest part of me, just knows
You'll be amazing in this role  

An energy that must feel strange-
To watch your life forever change 
To suddenly, protect from harm
This little being in your arms

It won't be easy, guaranteed-
There will be nights, with little sleep
It won't be perfect, in all ways-
You'll have your moments and your days...

But your heart, will be so full 
And the rewards- incredible…
All stress and worries, quickly soothed
By little eyes looking at you

May it be everything you dreamed:
The highs, the journey in-between
May you be blessed, infinitely 
With patience, love and energy

I must work to contain my glee
It brings me immense joy, to see
You entering a world of good-
Welcome to Motherhood.

Warmth, excitement, joy- the bare minimum of what we feel when watching someone we love enter motherhood. 

Capture your glee and express your well wishes with this poem written for a new or soon-to-be Mom. Becoming a Mom has never felt sweeter! 

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