Goodbye Great Boss Poem

Goodbye Great Boss Poem

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It’s a huge, substantial loss-
You're so much more than a great boss:
Teacher, leader, mentor, friend
Your skills- a rare, extensive blend 

Your support- unparalleled 
You helped ensure that we excelled
Providing all the tools one needs
To learn and grow and feel at ease 

You valued our feedback and thoughts 
And listened, when others would not
Right from the start, the vibe was there- 
That you legitimately cared

We won't lie- it is a shame...
The team will never feel the same
Without the comfort that came with
Your kind, encouraging spirit

But cheers to someone we respect-
We wish you nothing but the best 
You certainly have left a mark
In both our workplace, and our hearts

Some will go and some will come
But few will ever be someone
Who has the might and talent true
Of a leader like you.

A punch to the gut and sadness and worry often follow the news of an amazing boss leaving. What will you all do now?! This sucks! There is no telling the difference that a great boss makes; it actually can set the tone of our daily lives, given how much time we spend at work. Help it suck a little less by surprising a great boss with a beautiful poem of say goodbye with heart!