When Tragedy Strikes

In between relaxation and having a great time on our vacation in Quebec city, were lingering feelings of unease and disbelief.

I know I'm not alone on this one. It's been 6 days since news broke of the awful helicopter crash that claimed the lives of Kobe Bryant, his 13-yr-old daughter and 7 others. That's a lot for the mind to process...let alone, the heart.

You think of the families. If we're having trouble with this, how must they be feeling?! You think of the incident itself. When did they know they were in trouble? How scared must they have been? You think of yourself and your loved ones and these terrible "what if" scenariosYou might be reminded about your own grief and someone that you lost tragically. Or you might not know how to feel, given certain past allegations that maybe hit close to home. Whatever it stirs up for you, I'm sure it's nothing light.

Every now and then, something like this happens and feels the same as someone slapping us in the face and frantically shaking us by the shoulders. WAKE. THE. F#$K. UP. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!! When you operate on autopilot a lot, you tend to forget that time is borrowed. Tomorrow, or even tonight(!), isn't guaranteed. Enough taking life for granted.

People die every day; sometimes just as tragically. Their lives weren't any more or less valuable. It never feels good to hear about it. But it doesn't feel like this. 

Of course being a public figure who contributed so much to his field has a lot to do with it. But even so, this time feels different.

This tragedy was a very harsh reminder that death does not discriminate.

Kobe had it all- a gorgeous family, money, success, respect, health. Recently retired. So much to look forward to. This was not supposed to happen. This was not another sad-yet-not-surprising, self-inflicted celebrity overdose. There is something deeply unsettling about a disaster that was out of everyone's control...and that no one saw coming. The element of shock in this just feels like a cruel, sadistic joke.


Shaquille O'neal spoke to the media the other day, as tears streamed down his face, about how he now wants to make amends with all of his enemies. T.I. took to Instagram 3 days ago to remind his children that he loves them, and to apologize to his daughters for the part he plays in the misunderstandings between them. Just yesterday, I took back the "maybe another time" I gave my friend who wanted to have us over for dinner and seemed disappointed when I said no. We ended up having a great night and getting home around 1:30 a.m. 

What will you do to appreciate the time and people you have left? 

A lot can change in six days.

Perspective, for one thing. Yep. Might be time to:

  • Bury old hatchets
  • Forgive and forget
  • Get over yourself
  • Feel what you need to
  • Appreciate your family
  • Get support for your issues
  • Spend more time with people
  • Start your business finally
Or at the very least, ***thank your lucky stars*** that you still have the ability to do so.


Although I don't know much about basketball and therefore not a lot about Kobe, I didn't have to in order to see and feel the impact he has had on this world. It is profoundly felt.

The nine victims of this helicopter crash each leave behind their legacies. What better way to honour them than by learning from this and not waiting for the next awful thing to take full advantage of this thing we call life. Let's help ensure that they did not die so tragically, in vain. 

Many of my poems are meant to support ourselves and others experiencing grief. Here is a link to my grief collection, in case it is of interest:



Now let's get to the meaningful things on our to-do lists, to honour all those gone way too soon. I think we owe them that much. 

Take good care of yourselves.



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