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Hello out there. Welcome to Such a Mood, a blog about feelings, life lessons and being honest with yourself and others.

If you're anything like me, you hate cliche advice and hearing things like: "everything happens for a reason" (at least not without concrete, supporting examples) and "be strong". What does that even mean? Don't cry? Don't feel? Feel, but don't cry? Has that ever really comforted anyone?

We live in a fast-paced world of filters, fake lashes and fantasy, really. Social media is great for a lot of things, but not so much for keeping it real. "Likes" are deceiving. People will secretely mock/criticize or sometimes not even read the posts they like! Doesn't that put things into perspective?

I hope that this blog will feel like the equivalent to unbuttoning pants after a huge turkey dinner, or finding that basket of flip flops at a wedding, so you can ditch the heels and girate to your heart's content on the dance floor. Relief and comfort. A place where people feel like they can be themselves.

Speaking of which, it's about 15 minutes to a new year and a new decade, and here I am sprawled out on my couch, with today's Dr. Phil playing on T.V., my dog lying between my legs, and my hubby already sound asleep in our room. Oh, and an empty bowl on the coffee table from the ice cream I just ate. That would most definitely make for a lame NYE IG post, but you know what- it's real!

Alright, the main reason I started this is to support my company and use this as a platform to reach out and connect to people. I have always intended to start a blog, but as with many of my intentions, procrastination and not knowing where to start got the best of me. But alas, here I am!

My company is called The Sparkling Mud, and consists of my poetry presented in frames that I paint and add a bit of sparkle to. A lot of my work can be gifted to others as support, or gifted to yourselves as tokens of something important you have survived.

My creativity is in full bloom and as such I am giving birth to this blog by clicking on the Save button any moment now!

I am very much excited about this new experience and I look forward to making this a routine thing.

Thank you for reading my first post. And more importantly, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!













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